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Only Empowered Food Loggers Allowed.

Diets are so last year, man. These days, we can actually see inside the body just by knowing our Metabolic Vital Signs. By knowing as much data as you can about your body, you can literally know what’s going on internally, and where things are getting stuck. You can see side effects vs cause and adopt the right nutritional strategy to support and heal it! That’s empowering, right? Literally knowing what’s going on instead of guessing. 


More energy, weight loss, sleep, pooping, aches and pains, weight gain?! Your data will drive your results.


You see, for every symptom there are a multitude of causes, and just as many remedies. Knowing your personal remedy requires knowing stuff about you. Do you have poor C02 exchange, copper deficiency or depleted adrenals? These are all things that will affect weight loss (amongst so many others). But the great thing is, we can know all of these things! So, are you on board with data and tracking? Or, still think another diet is the way to go?


Look, I get that it can be a drag to do all that logging, even if you’re good at it.


Lucky you have me ;)

health & nutrition & personal training c

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Instead of flailing around from this thing to that – something yours truly has done many times – I’m going to help you break down everything; get its data points and know exactly what to do next. The logging will be as fast as humanly possible without much effort. But, just enough work that makes it worth it. As a result, your results will be more stable and long-lasting instead of frantic short term fixes, and hard to maintain remedies.


So, to get these results, logging data is non-negotiable. (I can’t say that enough)


From what you eat & drink to how you think, how you move to how often and how long - and why it matters to be exact about all of these things. Metabolic Vital Signs, right down to how you poop… you’ll be revealing all of it, so I can take point on applying the right bio-strategy to move your body in the right direction.


Just like any good business or team – data and statistics formulate the next steps.


This is no different for you.


So we’ll be food logging, mood logging and logging any other good information that lets me look inside your body and see the truth. It’s like a bio-x-ray, except it’s good for your soul and your future self.

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