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From Zero to 100% Without Stress.

Are you familiar with the phrase “physiological load”? If not, it’s a good one to remember! You see, when the body is injured, dysfunctional in movement, in pain or under metabolic distress this is a sure sign NOT to go hit the latest Crossfit release. Let’s put it another way. You know what inflammation feels like right? Heat, swelling and pain. Ok, well cortisol (our stress hormone) loves following inflammation around. And so, if you’re already inflamed, then dump the wrong exercise on top of it, you get more inflammation! Bummer.


If you’re icing it, wrapping it, nursing it, compensating for it or just tolerating it – stop exercising it.


Weight loss, elite sports performance, metabolic recovery, injury rehab, functional movement, fitness or muscle gain - the journey from zero to 100% requires the right programming.


The Yin And The Yang Of It.


When you’re in homeostasis, everything runs like a well-oiled machine. And you can afford to push your limits with yang-style workouts for conditioning. But when you’re out of homeostasis, you’re running on the smell of any oily rag! And so yin workouts rebalance the nervous system so that all cylinders are firing before adding any load. That doesn’t mean one is easier than the other! And it’s not girly or weird. It just makes perfect sense when you think about it in terms of performance cars – you don’t thrash your F1 car to fix a broken cylinder. Got it?


And, just like an F1 team I have an epic team of Physiotherapists, Osteopaths, Chiropractors and other Level 4 CHEK Practitioners to liaise with over complex problems and refer you to when needed.


So, expect a little something different than “go hard”. It’s exercise, but perhaps not as you know it.

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Physiological Load Assessment

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From Pain To Performance

The pain may have gone away, but you still don’t feel strong. That’s because we’re only half way through the process! It’s like anything worth achieving! A world-class ballerina didn’t get to performance level without an intense training journey. Flailing around at first, then nailing technique, feeling fully balanced and perfect and then, going beyond that comfort zone into intense training… and doing it all again the next day.


So when the pain goes away, the work is not done. My job is to help you reclaim your entire life without fear of injury and become as strong and as fit as you want to be. 


As a Level 3 FMA Strength and Conditioning Coach and Level 4 C.H.E.K Practitioner I have an extensive programming toolbox not available to Personal Trainers that allows you to hit any level of performance.

Athlete or not, it’s all the same. Pain to Performance is the goal.

Body weight or max weight we keep going until the goal is completed. No tapping out.

Not Injured?

Did you know the everyday person should be able to squat, lift, press and pull their own bodyweight, and be able to get themselves off the floor. This foundation of strength promotes greater health, bone mineral density and joint health and it enables us to play a sport, run around with the kids and dog or just do life without fear of injury.


And so, it’s important that we don’t wait for an injury or illness to force us into physical therapy or personal training, but instead to reinforce wellness and strength while we are in a positive momentum.

Leg Stretch



  • TMJ Dysfunction

  • Head and Neck Pain or Injury

  • Shoulder or Back Pain/Injury

  • Knee or Ankle Pain/Injury

  • Pelvic Pain or Injury

  • Abdominal Dysfunction


  • Functional Movement

  • Correct Squat Technique

  • Lean Mass Gain / Aesthetic Shaping

  • ELDOA Corrective Movements

  • Strength Gains

  • Sports or Athletic Conditioning

SIJ Dysfunction, Labral Tears, Piriformis Syndrome, Hernias, Diastasis Recti, C Section, Uneven Leg Length, Sprains, Strains and Pains without Injury, abdominal weakness, weight loss and more! Just ask how I can help your concern.

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