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Pain and dysfunction is a message from the body that it needs attention.  Injury is often the huge wake up call that we need.


Unless we have had some kind of traumatic action ie an accident where someone or something ran into us or we fell unexpectedly, most injuries are actually an accumulation of years of faulty movement patterns and under-functioning musculoskeletal systems.   And many of us find ourselves treating the same problem over and over in different manifestations.


Also, having an ongoing injury or living with chronic pain causes more dysfunction as we change our life and the way we move to adapt around it.


Assessment is important to not only understand the injury, but also to ascertain the mechanism of injury.  For instance, if you have had surgery and there is residual scar tissue, switching off muscles.  Or perhaps you did not crawl when you were a baby and so did not develop the hip socket or shoulder girdle did not develop properly.  Or you have had gut issues for some time and cannot activate the supportive structures around your hip and or lower back.


It is my job to find these root causes, rehabilitate the injury and then create the right program to train the body to re-integrate the movement patterns you need to relearn and then build you up to full strength and performance.


Some of the things I work with are:


  • TMJ Dysfunction

  • Head and Neck pain/injury

  • Shoulder Pain/injury such as rotator cuff and “frozen shoulder”

  • Back Pain/injury such as disc herniation and nerve compression

  • Pelvic pain/injury such as SIJ Dysfunction, Labral Tears, Piriformis Syndrome,

  • Abdominal Dysfunction such as hernias, diastasis recti, C Section history,

  • Knee Pain/Injury

  • Ankle Pain/Injury

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Physiological Load Assessment

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Bridging the gap between Rehabilitation and Full Athletic or Work Performance

When someone is injured and their pain goes away, this is only the first stage of the rehab process, yet many think that this is the end and that they must live with caution or expect a short lifespan of their movement capabilities.


If you have a disc injury for instance, my job is to get you back to squatting at least your own body weight.  Picking up heavy objects and carrying them in and out of the car around the garden etc. Bending over for hours in your garden.  Running around and playing sport with your kids.  Wrestling with your dog.


And if you are an athlete, my job is to get you back in the game better than before and enjoy your athletic career for as long as possible.


I have an amazing network of professional therapists that I work with such as Physiotherapists, Osteopaths, Chiropractors etc who all have their specialties and can help me with your complex issue.  And I can easily and happily liaise with the practitioner of your choice to create a real outcome of returning to full performance for you.

For the every day person, everyone should be able to Squat, deadlift, benchpress and pull their own bodyweight.  This is a good foundation of strength for anyone who wants to live life to the fullest, have great bone mineral density and joint health, be able to play a sport for a hobby and kick the footy around with their kids.


In sports, my goal is to work out what your deficit is and why and create a program to get you stronger and faster.


I love breaking down the essential movements in a sport into detail and creating programs to enhance sports performance.  I love using nutrition to help with sports performance and

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