about Leila

Leila is a Health and Performance Coach, specializing in the health & wellness management of busy executives and athletes.

Leila is a Level IV CHEK Practitioner (HLC 3, IMS4), Level III FMA Strength and Conditioning Coach and ELDOA practitioner. She is also a Master Trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming, Matrix Therapies and Archetypal Coaching.


Combining her qualifications as a C.H.E.K Practitioner, Strength and Conditioning Coach, Life Coach, and Master Trainer of NLP, Matrix Therapies and Archetypes, Leila is a powerful presenter, teacher, mentor and coach, to individuals and organizations all over the world.


Leila loves solving complex problems around injury and performance, working alongside medical practitioners and allied health professionals on complex case studies, mentoring fellow coaches and speaking to educate and inspire.


Leila’s unique philosophy is centred around the four key pillars of health - Movement, Nutrition, Rejuvenation and Fulfilment.  She teaches balance in these key areas to maintain healthy physiological load and cultivate energy for performance.


Leila’s Transformational Programs achieve significant and sustainable results for her clients, addressing the four pillars of health in a way that is unique to their needs. Thus creating the ideal environment for efficacy across her client’s professional and personal lives.


Leila also lectures and has created courses for Fitness Professionals, Allied Health Practitioners and Strength and Conditioning Coaches around the country.  Through this work she teaches practitioners how to holistically bridge the gap between rehabilitation and strength and conditioning.

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