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Perception is everything. Mindset is everything.  The thing that holds us back the most, is not the limitations in our life, but the limitations in our mind.  And often they are unconscious or thoughts and beliefs that we have been carrying around for years that came from other influences.


The way we were brought up, our genealogy, our spiritual beliefs all shape who we are today, but often unconsciously. 


A paper on the generations following all the survivors from the holocaust said that the perception of the illusion of freedom was carried down through the children, the grandchildren, the great grandchildren.  Studies in psychology show that we can inherit beliefs from long ago and this can be really interesting, especially when your ancestors have had to fight for survival, work tirelessly to achieve, they were starving or had to go without.

This can also be really interesting if your father worked a job he never liked to give everything to his family, or your mother constantly dieted because she was unhappy with her body or never fulfilled her own desires because "that’s not what a housewife does."  These are two generalised examples from previous generations, but perhaps it gives you some insight into what could be going on for you.

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I find the best results achieved are when we look at these things and dismantle them together as they affect what we believe we deserve, what nourishment is, what we invest in, whether we can truly rest without guilt, whether we can put ourselves first, how we spend our money and so much more.  Working through this is especially important with a history of dieting, over working, over achieving, over exhaustion, over thinking, not being present in our relationships, not being present to what is going on in our own body.


The process is about understanding why.  Why do you do what you do and what you can do differently so that you can always make the best decisions for your self every day and be self empowered.   And flowing on from that, you will  be  role a model for your friends and loved ones, your work team, your community.


Coaching helps you become conscious of these limitations and turn them into your own choices and thoughts of empowerment.