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How Much Lighter Do You Want To Feel?

Have you ever experienced one of those moments, where something was weighing on your mind, and when you finally got it off your chest (with a positive ending) that you felt lighter and more capable of taking on the world? Recall that feeling now. Wonderful, right? And true! Now imagine all the things that weighed on your mind at some point (even back to toddler age!) that you never got off your chest. Maybe you weren’t listened to, or perhaps you just shrugged your shoulders, and put that thing out of your mind and powered on.


Knowing how good it feels to get things off our chest, I wonder if you can now imagine what all that unreleased emotion feels like? And what it does to our health?


It’s no wonder we feel so heavy – physically and emotionally. It’s no wonder we drink coffee to rev us up and wine to chill us out in an attempt to manage the fatigue, stress and metabolic distress from all that shit we pushed aside.


Oh, but it’s not exclusively our shit we carry. Goodness no, that would be far too easy.


A research paper on the generations following the survivors from the holocaust said that the perception of the illusion of freedom was carried down through the children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren. That’s a long line of people to carry a manifestation of the mind when it was only true for one generation! And so I wonder what you might be feeling from your great grandparents that you’re not aware of. Or even just your own parents?

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Studies in psychology show that we can inherit beliefs from long ago and this can be really interesting if you inherited “workaholism” from dad, or “people pleasing” from mom; or any other traits and emotions that drain our adrenals, thyroid, ovaries, and nervous system - and therefore drain us of life force and energy.


And here’s a fun fact, our subconscious is our body! And, we share 6% of our DNA with our great grandparents. So it’s certainly not a stretch to believe in the mind-body-soul connection at all, is it. 

It’s no secret that metabolic distress, pain and discomfort can also be considered an “Irritable Mind” and it’s no secret the stress can be: current, manifested from past events, events that aren’t even ours, or future catastrophizing!


It’s not your fault. 


It seems odd that we can “think ourselves unwell”, and by not even being aware of it! But it happens to many of us and it in no way is a conscious process. You certainly did not consciously decide this for yourself! But once your mind starts opening up and releasing whatever it is, it becomes fascinating and rapidly stress relieving.


So, aren’t you just a little bit curious about what’s lurking inside your conscious and subconscious mind?

Would You Like To Rest Without Guilt, Too?

Our thoughts, feelings and beliefs affect what we think we deserve, what nourishment is, what we invest in, whether we can truly rest without guilt, put ourselves first, how we spend our money and so many other exhausting decisions and tasks. If you have a history of dieting, over working, perfectionism, people pleasing, over thinking, not being present in relationships or within your own body, we need to find out why. 


These heavy burdens are adding to your Physiological Load an Metabolic Distress


Coaching helps you become conscious of why these things are present for you, and then clears them! They become a Wisdom Memory, instead of a Trigger. As a result your mind uses that space to make better decisions that feel good, healthy and natural. And so, instead of our brains being flooded with angry, anxious or stressed hormones and neurotransmitters, it remains cool and calm, releasing happy chemicals that heal and soothe the body.


Yes, you can rest without guilt! You do deserve it. Spend your money on joy! Show your kids, family and friends that they’re also deserving, and can rest without guilt, too!

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