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The Body Never Lies.


Sure, you’re powering on day to day like it ain’t nothin’. But at the same time you’re dealing with some weird freakouts by your body. Early menopause or absent fertility? Dizziness and vertigo? Unexplained exhaustion, body aches or hair loss? Not to mention back pain, insomnia, or weight gain (... despite eating less and less, until not eating very much, at all) Autoimmune diseases, bloating, constipation, migraines, insomnia… you’re on this list somewhere. And for those who I haven’t listed, you’re on this list too, because any symptom or dysfunction counts.


Chances are, you’ve been white knuckling it for a few years now; seeing this specialist and that. “There’s nothing wrong”, they say. But you know there’s something wrong - because the body never lies - so you try alternative therapies; an array of chiropractors, physios, osteos, nutritionists and other modalities. In fact, you may even be so high level, you’ve already checked in with some of the great biohackers and metabolic coaches online. You felt great! For a while. But your body just kept having symptoms… refer list above ad nauseam.


If that sounds familiar, you have more sisters than you think!


The body NEVER lies. And right now all those weird and wonderful symptoms you’re going through are your body’s way of telling you something is very, very wrong.


But you already knew that ;)


Sure, it may not cancer or a heart attack – but what’s going on inside your body is also serious, it’s making your workday feel shit, sex life is suffering, tired, bloated and running on low. You’re trapped inside your symptoms to a point that perhaps the relationship with your kids isn’t as present as you’d love it to be. Give yourself permission to acknowledge how crap this feels. It’s not cancer, but it is taking the best days of your life from you, yeah?


Much like a volcano science experiment with too much, too little, or just the right amount of baking soda, our bodies give us feedback that something is (or is not) working. So we can have too much (or too little etc) estrogen, serotonin, cortisol and the body will send us a message. The message will either feel good, average or bad.


For some women, this level of “bad” - now known as Metabolic Distress has taken them out of life. Women unable to even hold a glass of water because their nervous system was dealing with such a high Physiological Load.


So take a deep, deep breath. Let it out with a cathartic sigh and let’s find out why this is happening.

It’s Not Your Fault.

It’s been going on for a long time, wouldn’t you say? A few months, years… decades?


It probably crept up on you, too. A niggle here, mild “whatever” there. It was easy to power through back then. We said “oh, it’ll be fine”. Because the truth is, it was only a little issue, back then. And unless it’s a trauma or injury, things do tend to start small – barely noticeable even. Certainly not bad enough to even consider getting help for it, right? I mean, what would you even say? Would anyone listen? Probably not. Even an injury sustained 6 months ago can suddenly flare into intense pain, leaving physios scratching their head. It’s not their fault, either.


So slowly over time, that thing causing the niggle, starts to exert stress on the body, and increase inflammation. If the thing causing the niggle is left unaddressed, the inflammatory response becomes perpetually switched “on”, pushing neurotransmitters and hormones out of balance so that nothing is signaling properly in your tissues. All the while, your cellular engines have slowed right down and your body becomes burdened with too much metabolic waste. It just becomes a worn out, broken system that struggles to clear toxins and hormones.


It’s the day you wake up and wonder why you feel so unrested, or why you have yet another headache. It’s when you’ve long forgotten about the original niggle, and start to feel sick and tired of being sick and tired.


You’ve seen so many people that you probably don’t even trust yourself, the “experts” and your body anymore.


None of this is your fault and you’ve done nothing wrong.


It definitely wasn’t the extra caramel lattes you had during lockdown or the slice of cake you had at your friend’s wedding. It wasn’t the spin classes you missed last month or the protein shake you forgot to drink exactly 20 minutes after your workout - the body is far smarter than that. This has been brewing for a much longer time and as you sit and reflect, perhaps you can now start to see lightbulb moments popping up as to what’s going on.


So perhaps you could also give yourself permission to trust one last time.


Trust yourself and trust your body just one more time.


Because the body never lies. You just need to learn how to read it.

When you can hear what the body is telling you, you can finally become its master. And this is 100% possible, because thousands of women like you have done exactly that. They’re now living inside pain-free, symptom-free, pleasurable bodies because they finally learned to understand their Metabolic Vital Signs.

Imagine that for yourself, now. Actually knowing what your body is trying to tell you, so we can apply the correct strategies and therapies to soothe the symptoms of Metabolic Distress without creating new issues.


I’m Leila Lutz, and I help women like you heal your metabolism, so you can reclaim your life.

Empowered Healing Journeys.

That title might sound a little woo-woo (so to speak). And while I adore ultra-alternative things like that, it’s also pragmatic. You see, it’s not enough just to follow a food trend or take supplements or do pretty much anything, without knowing what your Physiological Load (aka stress) is. 


And no, I don’t just mean your “deadline’s looming” stress.


It’s the stress that’s been eating away at you for years, the stress that’s in your body, the stress of your diet, the stress of your movement, the stress of your breathing, the stress of your stressing! Worried, sad or too much coffee and wine, it’s creating a seesaw of hormones and neurotransmitters and your body is freaking out!


Stress is a funny thing. We all have our own ideas of what it looks like. For some it looks like running around in a mad panic, for others it can be procrastination or anxiety. An obvious example is that stress can be an injury! A less obvious, but weirdly true example is that stress can also be trauma buried in our subconscious… it can be a poor breathing pattern… it could even be the number of coffee you drink by a mere factor of 1 extra cup!


But finding out is!


The Long Way Home.

Finding out what’s up is freeing! But facing this kind of stress isn’t always easy. You never know what will show up! And you can guarantee there will always be some sort of resistance. It’s fascinating work! It’s uncomfortable, confronting, and sometimes maybe even painful. But when you’re staring ahead at a life that’s painful, uncomfortable and perhaps getting worse – it’s a small price to pay. From what you eat to your deepest held grudges, right down to how you poop, when we unpack all your shit, you can end this groundhog day nightmare.


We’ll do a lot of healing work, and it’ll be confronting. But you’ll finally get to return home to yourself. And, you’ll get to remember and reveal your true self. The strong, capable, mindful you who can read the body’s whining and niggles, any time she likes. You’ll feel more empowered, instead of trying to work at it, running on empty.

And the great thing is, as you show up for yourself - the things that created the stress before start to unravel. Whether it be dealing with your mother-in-law, adjusting your calories, breathing patterns or buried trauma, you’ll naturally think and act differently as your neuro-biology starts to change. You won’t be fighting yourself on food, exercise or motivation again. Your hormones and neurotransmitters will start to chill out, your metabolism will balance, and you can start utilizing food better, reduce supplements and get better results out of exercise.


Oh yeah, and you get your old life back… but better.

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